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of the level, right? Support Levels, support levels are areas where buying pressure is just enough to overcome selling pressure and halt or reverse a downtrend. Yes, wait for it, wait for it Just a few more moments To see price inch one direction Then suddenly move miles in the opposite direction! Breakouts are popular among forex traders. Its not enough learning about breakout strategies because there will be times that breakouts fail. Resistance levels are just like support levels but work in the opposite way. This is part of your Jedi forex training. Its time to hop aboard that train. Resistance levels are areas in which selling pressure is just enough to overcome buying pressure and force price back down.

When price finally breaks out of that support or resistance level, one would expect price to keep moving in the same direction of the break.
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In the next section, we will dive deeper into fakeouts and discuss why we should trade them and how to profit off them. To be a Jedi master, you must be able to master fakeouts. All you have to do is just wait for. It makes sense right? Its all smooth sailing now. End of story: You are left eating ketchup packets and crackers like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.