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traderman, legendary, offline, activity: 1260, merit: 1000. Bad Trades plus bad exits on losers cost me 109, Not letting my winners run cost me 150. Discipline to the methodology is crucial and something that I really need to work. Daily discussion thread Tuesday, Wednesday Read more. Wixfa by Waqar Ibrahim? The Month of October is shaping up to be a rough one.

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How much back testing is sufficient for implementing a trading strategy on a real account? Your 3 rules before entering a trade. If price stalls then moves against me I need to exit early however if it just pulls back a little I need to give it breathing room up to my SL). Swing traders: What are your rules for tightening stops as trade progresses? Retraced: 60, PnL: -63.08, Bad Exit Impact: -26.

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