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with the news, market analysis and forums are providing useful insights to the traders and now. If you already a good trader start with Zulu. Did I claim for that now that I am a pro trader fxworld? I dont think you are pathetic. Thanks for ignoring by the way but the time that I succeed, I'm sure you will sneak in with jealousy into my fx accounts here and its a sweet revenge to you.

Profile Shouts, trade Explorers Created, profile Information Updates, saving. Shouts, ignored, show Content, this is a zero sum game. Find his name and ask many of the people here).

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Thanks for helping. Ministry: I am not asking people to give me their money to trade. I'm here to interact and learn and compare the difference and try to develop something that could be profitable and stable strategy. Then where is that right place you mean? I say this in my own valeur de stellar crypto monnaie eos experience.

Go on the street and beg for money, noone here, will ever give you a cent, and if you still believe someone will, then you have a lot bigger problems then finding the funds you apparently cant raise yourself. Go back home and till your own ground and grow vegetables, somehow you can harvest potatoes because probably, you are a couch potato guy. I think you are addicted to gambling.

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