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is also the first hometown in a core series game to contain concrete paths, a Gym, cours du nexium crypto monnaie or a Pokémon Center. The scenery changes depending on the season. Map description, a city at the foot of high mountains where you can see all of Unova. There, Nate and Hugh met up with Bianca and chose their starter Pokémon. English Aspertia City From asperatus (a recently discovered cloud formation ) and aspire or aspiration. The Gym is situated just west of the Pokémon Center in the backyard of the Trainers' School. In the manga In the Pokémon Adventures manga Hugh lives in Aspertia City and attends the city's school, which is also attended by Blake and Whitley. Aspertia City Gym, unova, gym #1, b2W2.

Basic Badge, aspertia City Gym, unova, gym #1, b2W2, leader3leader3, normal-type specialist Gym. Trainers If the player chose Snivy : Reward: 500 Held item: None Tepig.5 If the player chose Tepig : Reward: 500 If the player chose Oshawott : Reward: 500 Held item: None Snivy.5 In the anime In the main series Aspertia City. As Aspertia City is the only hometown to house a Pokémon Center, it also is the only city in the core series games where the Pokémon Center is not the flying destination, as this trait is given to the player 's house. Lookout Aspertia City Outlook Ahead Unova Unfolds before Your Eyes The lookout is Aspertia City's most famous spot. Trivia Aspertia City is the only hometown in the core series games to be a city, and as such is much larger than other hometowns and has a higher population.

Chinese (Mandarin) Kuàishàn Sh From its Japanese name. The city contains a port and is also home to the Aspertia Gym. Aspertia City Gym, unova, gym #1, b2W2, leader2leader2, normal-type specialist Gym. The Gym Leader is Cheren. Reason: Missing manga section. Demographics Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 The population of Aspertia City is 32, including the player and Hugh. Name origin Language Name Origin Japanese Hiougi City From hiougimon, a pattern based on a folding fan made from a hinoki cypress. Trainers who defeat him receive the Basic Badge and the TM83 ( Work Up ). Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete. Aspertia City and Nuvema Town are the only hometowns that share a region. The lookout overlooks a panoramic view of a scenic landscape featuring trees, a lake in the foreground, and a mountain range in the background. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.